Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Ramblings

It's a nice, slow Monday here. Sunny and 74 degrees....maybe the pool will get warmed up this week!

Miss B went to work with Dr. Love this morning. This week, in the afternoons, he's heading up a preschool Entrepreneurship Academy. That in itself is a long story! Last year he made an appearance, took off his shoes & suitcoat and sat down to read excerpts from "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss to the kidlets. This year, he's in charge of the whole kit & kaboodle! He has a tremendously wonderful assistant though and she's got everything organized & ready to go. Plus he has Miss B helping today.

My newest grandnephew was born on Saturday. He is the #2 son of my #1 nephew. If you're confused, see this post: I've seen pictures of the new baby on facebook and he's beautiful! Congratulations Matthew & Alana!

I had a really nice weekend. On Friday evening our neighbors, the J's, came for dinner and we had BBQ ribs from the grill, sweet corn on the cob, baked potatoes, some wonderful homemade bread that Mrs. J made and fresh fruit. We taught them how to play Polish Poker and they taught us "31."
Saturday we were able to sleep in and then spent the day hanging with the kids. We played some cards and a couple of other games, had yummy crab legs for dinner (with leftover sides from the night before) and took a walk together. Then we sat in the backyard and had a nice fire.
I DID NOT want to get up for church yesterday morning and I dragged my feet into Sunday School. The lesson was entitled "Finding Hope in the Promises of God" and was based on
1 Corinthians 10:13. I was encouraged as one class member talked about "the way to escape" for her being obedience. The class also sparked some discussion between Dr. Love and I about temptations vs. trials and I always enjoy when we talk about scripture together. Then, our church service was great too: the music portion touched my heart and prepared me to listen to the next lesson in Pastor Viars' series on "Hope in Growing From Your Past." You can download or get a podcast of it here: As one who tends to wallow in the past, I needed to hear how to move on!
Yesterday afternoon we watched a couple of 24 episodes from season 3 and then went to Happy Hollow Park and walked/hiked/played for a bit. We stopped at Jimmy John's and took our sandwiches to another park before heading home to sit in the backyard again.
All in all, it was just nice to relax and be together!

My laundry is going and I have a sewing project to finish up this week for a shower gift. Just in case the recipient reads this blog, I won't post pictures until after Saturday. But please stop back after that to see what I've been working on as I'm tickled at how it's turning out!

My friend Beth started a new blog (her first!) this week. You can visit her here:

Have a great week everyone!
Grace & Peace,

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