Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We're Off!

Tomorrow morning we'll load up the van and head for God's country.....UpNorth Michigan. We're looking forward to checking out the Gaylord EV Free Church on Sunday and then fishing, jet-skiing, touring the historic areas of Mackinaw City, visiting the Sleeping Bear Dunes area and relaxing together.

So don't look for any of my sporadic posts this next week. I'm sure we'll take lots of pictures and, if there's anything of interest, I'll post them when we're settled back in here in wonderful West Lafayette.

See ya' next week!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One Year Milestone

The last two weeks have been full of memories for us. Not only did we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, this time of year also marks when we moved out of our home in Crown Point, were "homeless" for a few days, closed on our home here and then took possession and moved in. Those first few days are still a blur of unpacking, meeting all our friendly and gracious neighbors, trying to keep the kids occupied, getting the cats used to their new place and finding our way around the new town. We went on vacation shortly after that and it seemed very odd on our way home when we passed the Crown Point exit and still had an hour + to get home.

When school started in mid-August this still didn't feel "normal" for us and I, especially, had a bad time those first few days (and weeks) that the kids were gone all day. Eventually we had some visits from old friends, started getting things on the walls, began attending a local church instead of driving back to Crown Point and started to settle in.

Fast-forward to Thanksgiving. We had a mix of family, childhood friends, Crown Point friends and new church friends in for Thanksgiving dinner and when it was all over, I remarked to Dr. Love that for the first time I felt as though I lived here.

At Christmas time I enjoyed seeing how our "old" decorations fit into the new home and also scoped out Goodwill for additional items. We loved serving in the Living Nativity presentation and attending the Christmas Eve service at our new church. We had friends in over New Year's and that helped solidify us here as well.

The new year brought additional chances to get involved at the kid's school and new serving opportunities at church. Miss B and I joined the choir for the annual Passion Play in April and ended up staying in choir regularly.

Over spring break we were back in NorthWest Indiana to visit and Charlie was asked what he missed about our old home/city. He replied "really, nothing." That was a huge blessing to this Momma's heart! This past week Miss B, out of the blue, said that she really likes her school and doesn't miss Crown Point at all. She did say that she misses her old youth pastor & group (I think she always will, it's really an exceptional program!).

I am highly resistant to change of any kind, whether my brand of laundry detergent or to move away from the house that I love & the geographical area that I've been in for 20+ years. So it was with great joy when last week Dr. Love mentioned moving upon retirement and my first thought and response what "WHAT?!!!!! Leave this wonderful home and great neighborhood and excellent church? You've got to be kidding!"

I titled this blog "Contented in West Lafayette" because when I first started it, that was what I was praying for....that God would make me content here. This post now is all about how He has answered that prayer.

Grace and Peace,