Friday, February 12, 2010


Have you checked out Yesterday I received "The Best of Cooking Light," a 416 page, 9x11", hardback, full-color book in exchange!

Also, at my local Goodwill, I found an American Girl Addie (naked with semi-bad hair) for $3! I'll be working on her hair and I'll make a dress for her. I did a little research and if I can't get her hair to my satisfaction, I can send her to the American Girl Hospital for $24 and still come out way ahead of the $100 that the doll costs new. I'm very excited about Addie since my little Kiki D. loves African-American dolls, little people & books!

Poor little Young Prince M. has a cold....his nose is runny and so, so red and his eyes are red & watery too. I feel so bad for him AND I'm keeping the makers of Airborne in business!

Hoping everyone at YOUR house is well,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Morning~

We're on the 2nd of two snow days in a row so I find myself with a little blogging time and some bragging to share.

This past Sunday I was visited by Jayme of Tales From The Coop Keeper and her sidekick Glenco! I've mentioned before that I simply adore her blog for her honesty and humor. She is even more wonderful in living color.....sweet and kind (see the pictures below of the eggs from her very own hens and the coffee beans that she roasted herself especially for me!) and funny and beautiful and easy-peasy to talk with. You know Miss Introverted Me, I had started to worry that I wouldn't know what to talk about but the conversation flowed!

Thank you Jayme for the great visit, the goodies, and your friendship!

Grace & Peace, Leslie