Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Favorite Fall Scent

My favorite fall scent for my home is the smell of apples.  I adore Yankee Candle's MacIntosh scent but, due to price, I can't quite make myself spring for more than one of them a season.

Enter Glade Expressions Collection (see photo above).  I am a BzzAgent and, as such, I often get to try new products, often free of charge, and share my thoughts about them with friends & family.  And so it is with Glade Expressions.  I received, totally free, an oil diffuser and a fragrance mist in the scent of my choice.  So, when I saw "Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice" I knew that it was mine.

The fragrance mist is a refillable version of a spray air freshener and it works really well.  Because the refillable holder is contemporary, it blends well into my home decor and I can leave it out where it's handy instead of trying to remember which closet I stashed it in.

The oil diffuser is, to me, much better than the reed ones I've tried in the past that really don't scent the air after the first day or so unless you are religious about flipping them upside down.  You just click the card into place and never touch it again!  And, it's been more than 30 days since I set mine out and my living room still smell terrific!

Now, let me go on about the Fuji Apple & Cardamom fragrance.  Heavenly.  Light, fresh, juicy.  MUCH better than Yankee Candle's MacIntosh scent.  This could be a year-round scent for me!

I do have some coupons still that I haven't given out so shoot me an email if you'd like one, I'll even pay the postage to mail it to you if you like!

Have you tried the Glade Expressions line?  What did you think?


Friday, October 19, 2012

It's been a long time...

...since -I last wrote a blog post. Mostly because I just don't have the time like I used to. Partly because Facebook and Pinterest keep us caught up on a daily basis.

 So, here are things randomly:

 Bri & Andrew are turning 18 next Sunday. Andrew is registered to vote and received his Selective Service card in the mail yesterday. I love that he's taking his voting duty seriously and is trying to decide which Presidential candidate will get his vote.

 Bri is a Senior. She has applied to college and in another month or so we'll receive her acceptance or pending acceptance letter. She has applied to our local Big 10 University.

 I took the summer off from work which was really a no-brainer because I would have only had one child. Two children moved away and the third comes on a school-year schedule. Due to the summer off, I "lost" the last child. So I currently have only my sweet 3-year-old but in another two weeks I'll get his baby sister :).

 I've done some additional sewing and quilting. Finally finished up the red, white & blue quilt from 3 (!) years ago. I cleaned out my stash & got rid of things I didn't like. The rest I cut into either 5" or 2.5" strips to make a scrappy quilt of an as-yet undetermined pattern. I find lots of inspiration on Pinterest.

 I've been walking/jogging since mid-May. I've lot inches but not a lot of weight so a few days ago I added calorie-counting to my routine. I hope it helps! It certainly makes me think more about the portions of foods.

We had a terrific vacation in July in Traverse City, Michigan. We believe we've finally found the area we want to return to every year AND the area we'd like to retire in someday!

 My mind is a blank so I'll quit before I'm done:)
 Happy end of October!