Monday, January 9, 2012

Meijer Gallery Wrapped Canvas photo prints

I have been remiss in sharing with you this wonderful product! Have you heard of these? Seen these? Done one yourself? This picture of Dr. Love & I is actually a photo of my own canvas print. I was able to try out Meijer Gallery Canvas Prints for myself absolutely free because I am a BzzAgent!

What does that mean to be a BzzAgent? BzzAgent is all about social advertising. I get to try samples of products (sometimes full size!) and report to the companies who provide them-free of charge!-as well as spread the word (my opinion) to my friends & acquaintances. Almost always I am provided with coupons to pass out as well J Interested in becoming a BzzAgent yourself? Find out more here:

So, the Gallery Canvas Print described on Meijer’s website:

“It's simple to bring your favorite photo to the Meijer Photo Center and have it transformed into a Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print—overnight. How? Just upload the photo to the HP kiosk, choose the canvas size you'd like and submit your order. Then come back the next day to pick up your beautiful work of art!

Your photo will be printed on high-quality, Gallery Wrapped Canvas that is ready to hang immediately—no need for extra framing.”

It really was that simple! Choosing which picture to use took longer and was much harder than uploading and ordering at the in-store kiosk. (By the way, “kiosk” is one of my favorite words—I don’t know why but I like how it sounds and how it’s spelled!) I don’t take very many photos that are artistic in nature/quality. Usually I’m just snapping with my iPhone to text to someone or post on FaceBook. Because of that, I had a really hard time deciding which photo to use for my free print. I finally chose this one of Dr. Love & I from the first Christmas we were dating, because I really do love it and because I only had it as a 3x5.

So, I spent maybe 5 minutes total from the time I entered Meijer until I was back out in my car. The upload was simple to do. And the pick up the next day was easy-peasy too J

I do have one caveat: I think a photo that isn’t as dark would look much better than mine. I’ve seen some great examples posted by other BzzAgents and they all look terrific!

This would be a terrific gift to a newly-engaged couple, for new parents & grandparents. How cool would it be to take in a child’s artwork & have it made into a gallery print?! The possibilities are endless and because the price, at around $40, is great, you’re only limited by what you can imagine! Check out to learn more about Meijer Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints. And let me know what you create!