Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This morning I am thankful for quite a few things, but I'll just share a couple of them.

#1 I'm grateful for a husband who can (and will) fix things! I thought I had broken off the start knob on my dryer....after Dr. Love opened up the panel, he found it was just loose and had fallen backwards. He re-positioned it, tightened it up, closed up the panel & I'm back in drying business!

#2 I'm grateful for the prayers of friends. Yesterday was another snow day from school. Usually the change in my routine really upsets me but (due to said prayers, I'm sure) instead of getting frustrated, I had the presence of mind to do something with each of the kids. Miss B looked up a sugar cookie recipe on the internet that we tried...very yummy! And, as you can see from the slide show, we had a good time frosting them. Charlie & I played a couple of rounds of ping-pong...he's getting pretty good!

#3 I'm grateful for the book of Proverbs. Dr. Love & I are taking a class on Wednesday nights entitled "Falling in Love with Wisdom." Each week God has used it to tweak my heart. "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom."

Grace & Peace,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Friendship Weekend

The D's and the H's visited over the weekend from Bethel-land. We had the most wonderful time! During the week leading up to their visit, us girls were as excited as jr. higher's: planning Saturday's & Sunday's menus ahead of time and deciding who was going to bring what, etc... Since I wasn't home Thursday & Friday, I waited to make my cake until we could all pitch in. Here we are making the frosting:
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Doesn't this cake look lovely? Well, it not only looked good, it was the most delicious cake I've ever baked!
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Dr. Love and I are both grateful for good friends!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

For me, the pinnacle of this monumentous day was when Aretha Franklin took the stage. Was she poised and confident? Yes. Did she sing beautifully? Yes. Did she wear the most awesome hat ever?? YES!! Could I pull off a hat like that? (hanging my head sadly) no. But I'd sure like to have it topping off my hatstand!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dover's Visit

Our son Dover was here from CA just after Christmas. He always brings such joy & fun with him and this visit was no exception! Here's a picture of Charlie with his air rifle aiming nothing from the look on Dover's face. Here the "kids" are cleaning up my kitchen after one of the meals. Probably breakfast since one of them is still wearing his robe!
Miss B has been interested in rocketing since being introduced to it in tech ed at school. Here she shows her big brother her skills.
My men. All of them have new pajama pants courtesy of Miss B & myself and Dover is sporting his new robe too.
Come home again soon #1 Son! You're sorely missed here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

An Exciting Weekend

We started our weekend a little bit early.....on Thursday night actually. Charlie was up most of the night with a hurting tummy which is extremely unusual for him. On Friday I took him to the doctor per Dr. Love's wishes. The doctor sent us for a CT scan and the CT scan showed that Charlie's appendix needed to come out!
So Friday evening he had surgery and was he ever a trooper! By breakfast time on Saturday he was able to have pancakes and for lunch he had a cheeseburger. We were able to bring him home Saturday evening. We kept him in yesterday and then home from school today.
PRAISE GOD that He allowed the infection to be caught early and that He helped Charlie through the surgery & recovery.
I do have a few pictures but I'm under strict orders not to post them on the internet!