Monday, January 12, 2009

An Exciting Weekend

We started our weekend a little bit early.....on Thursday night actually. Charlie was up most of the night with a hurting tummy which is extremely unusual for him. On Friday I took him to the doctor per Dr. Love's wishes. The doctor sent us for a CT scan and the CT scan showed that Charlie's appendix needed to come out!
So Friday evening he had surgery and was he ever a trooper! By breakfast time on Saturday he was able to have pancakes and for lunch he had a cheeseburger. We were able to bring him home Saturday evening. We kept him in yesterday and then home from school today.
PRAISE GOD that He allowed the infection to be caught early and that He helped Charlie through the surgery & recovery.
I do have a few pictures but I'm under strict orders not to post them on the internet!

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cheryl said...

You wrote me a nice little email today and you FAILED TO TELL ME THIS NEWS??
Glad he's feeling so good!! Glad you listened to Dr. Love!! I would have probably given my kids Tylenol and told them to go back to bed! Ha!

Modern medicine...aint it great!?!?!