Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Friendship Weekend

The D's and the H's visited over the weekend from Bethel-land. We had the most wonderful time! During the week leading up to their visit, us girls were as excited as jr. higher's: planning Saturday's & Sunday's menus ahead of time and deciding who was going to bring what, etc... Since I wasn't home Thursday & Friday, I waited to make my cake until we could all pitch in. Here we are making the frosting:
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Doesn't this cake look lovely? Well, it not only looked good, it was the most delicious cake I've ever baked!
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Dr. Love and I are both grateful for good friends!

1 comment:

cheryl said...

And it's all a distant memory now...
the cake...not the friendship!!!

Thanks for having us!! WE HAD A BALL!

{ps...my verif. word is "unmicing". u got mice? ha!!}