Monday, April 29, 2013

Family Room Redecoration

Well, I can't remember now just how long it's been but the family room redecoration process is complete! Following, in no particular order are pictures:

This first set is the floor installation by Dr. Love, a random picture of chairs & ottoman, the console table and the chandelier that Dr. Love installed against the ceiling.  I decided to go a swatch darker on the ceiling than the walls and I am very happy with the results!  

This next set is random pictures that don't match up with any of my "befores." FYI-the blank from is waiting for Andrew's senior picture this fall and there will be another 8x10 under the current one then also.

And now we have "before & afters"

Thank you especially to my old friend Yvonne (living in FL now!) who received and replied to countless text messages asking for her opinions on how this or that looks.  She seemed almost as eager as I was to try this or that and just helped me tremendously!

All paint is Benjamin Moore--walls are Palladian Blue, Ceiling is Wythe Blue and fireplace and trim are Alpine White.  I went through many different colors of paint swatches on the walls before finally seeing one of my considerations in House Beautiful.  That clinched the decision for me!

I didn't follow any patterns in sewing up the ottoman cover, window treatments & throw pillows.  I used Rowley's Clip & Wave tape on the tops of the window treatments.  It worked beautifully!  I purchased new feather & down pillow inserts and I am so glad I did--they are much more comfortable than all the different polyester fiberfill forms I had.

The round red ottoman was a Goodwill find after I started the project.  It is just so sweet and perfect that I paid a little more than I like to pay at Goodwill but I'm glad I brought it home.

The black chandelier, red pendant lights and white furniture covers are all from  The table lamps are all from Target.

Nothing else was purchased new but I did pick up a couple of other things from Goodwill and I moved in things from storage that I was saving or from other rooms.  Also, I used paint to change the color of the tv table and the yellow tray on the fireplace.  Dr. Love built the tv stand to raise it up and get the cable boxes under it.  Those things cost over $50 on Amazon!

Any questions?  Just ask and I will respond by return comment :)