Friday, February 12, 2010


Have you checked out Yesterday I received "The Best of Cooking Light," a 416 page, 9x11", hardback, full-color book in exchange!

Also, at my local Goodwill, I found an American Girl Addie (naked with semi-bad hair) for $3! I'll be working on her hair and I'll make a dress for her. I did a little research and if I can't get her hair to my satisfaction, I can send her to the American Girl Hospital for $24 and still come out way ahead of the $100 that the doll costs new. I'm very excited about Addie since my little Kiki D. loves African-American dolls, little people & books!

Poor little Young Prince M. has a cold....his nose is runny and so, so red and his eyes are red & watery too. I feel so bad for him AND I'm keeping the makers of Airborne in business!

Hoping everyone at YOUR house is well,


Ware Family said...

Hi Leslie!

I should hook you up with my daughter-in-law, Nikki Ebbeler - She has refurbished many American Girl dolls and sold them and their clothing. Everyone here also has colds and we are looking forward to warm weather.

Have a wonderful day!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I went to your Goodwill, and I loved it! It was so neat and organized compared to ours. I almost bought a vintagy looking easter basket, but decided against it. I'm starting to get a little cluttered around here.....

cheryl said...

Good thing you said "Kiki. D" b/c i thought you picked that up for our little Kiki! ha!! I'll have to keep my eye out for one here. OH...that's right...I've not been thriftin' since before Thanksgiving!! UGH!