Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's Dr. Love from a Thanksgiving past. See that pile of plates? On top are the paper plates for the kiddos. We had a full house that year!
Thanksgiving is my favorite-est holiday. I love to have people in, the more the merrier! This year will be smaller: the four of us plus my dearest friend Connie and her husband, along with their newly married daughter Amy and her sweeheart husband Curtis.

I enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I love setting the table with linens and china and silver. I don't mind cleaning up afterwards (Dr. Love helps!). I love sitting down all together to enjoy the food. Most of all, I love going around the table having each person tell what they are thankful for!

I home some unique things on my thankful list this year:
Charlie had an appendectomy in February and Miss B just had one this past Sunday. In both cases, God worked out their situations: neither appendix ruptured; each of them got the right Doctor for their surgery; each of them bounced back quickly. Two new babies (grandnephews to me) were born healthy & happy. Miss B made the leap to high school with great success. Charlie moved to a Christian school and God provided the wisdom & financing for that.
A few weeks ago God was gracious and gave me a peek into His reasons for moving us here. As you know, I wasn't thrilled about moving away from Crown Point and Bethel Church and all of our relationships there. I struggled with the change for a long time, even naming this blog "Contented in West Lafayette" as an attempt to come to grips. Recently, God used Dr. Love to help our church purchase some prime property for an incredible price in order to further a ministry to Purdue University. If we didn't attend FBC.....hadn't moved here..... Dr. Love hadn't accepted the job at PRF (which also threw me into a funk 2 years before the move happened!)......etc... I am thankful to see how God was working out details several years in advance and I can't wait to see what's ahead! Above all, I am humbled that He chose to use us in spite of ourselves! He makes everything glorious!

Wishing YOU a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Hugs, Leslie


Ware Family said...

Oh Leslie, I am so glad Miss B is doing well.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I to have many things to be thankful this year..

God's blessing to you and your family.

With Love - your cousin, Becky

Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
Hugs, Lisa

cheryl said...

Glad you had a beautiful day!! Ours was equally as great and we look forward to round 2 tomorrow with my local kids and gparents and best of WORKING HUBS!

God has surely brought you along down there! Isn't it a blessing to see how He's working it all out for your good, and for HIS GLORY!?

Love you friend...miss you tons!

Mollye said...

If we as children could just sit quietly without questioning everything our Father asks and then obey wouldn't we be in better all around shape:) Sometimes God really puts us in our place doesn't he and when we finally have the lightbulb moment it is truly awesome. Hugs, Mollye

Melinda Cornish said...

Wow! from the look of the plates, you did have a full house....questioned moving to Utah too and it is amazing how blessed I have been since being here....I had a very THANKFUL Thanksgiving....

Hopewell said...

I fully understand your "attempt to come to grips"--it's a year since we moved and I'm still trying! I just found your blog today. I grew up down the road [or so] from Purdue, raised by two Purdue grads so naturally I went to IU!