Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This & That

Well, Dr. Love is out of town until late tomorrow and while the cat's away.....lol
The kids & I just got back from a great time together. After a 5 pm dinner of tuna casserole (Miss B's request) we set out on a surprise road trip. I told the kids we were going to a "sad" place. Miss B sure knows her Momma 'cause she guessed pretty quickly that we were headed to Happy Hollow Park. I can't believe we've lived here for over a year & this was the first time we visited there! It's an absolutely beautiful place with hollows & dales and trails and wildlife. The colors on the trees were breathtaking! The scent of fall was wonderful! There was a great play area too that the kids weren't too old to make use of! On the way home we stopped off at the Silver Dipper--the pumpkin ice cream is to die for!
The kitchen redecoration is almost complete. I'm considering valances for the windows and we're looking for the perfect ceiling fan/light fixture to replace the one currently over the island. I'll get some pictures posted at some point. But since I think C is the only one who reads this blog anyway and she's coming for a visit very soon, maybe no pics :)
We've started our second 9 weeks of school and parent-teacher conferences are this week, along with 2 half-days. Time seems to pass so quickly, today in the mail I received a Nov. issue of Country Living with Thanksgiving recipes! Before long it'll be Christmas and then we'll be on to 2009.
And since I'm such a hit or miss blogger, it may very well be that long before I post again!
Grace & Peace,

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cheryl said...

You crazy goose...I'm NOT the only one to read this blog!! And I can't wait to get down there to hug you...THEN look at your kitchen! And if you are only making valances, let me know cuz I might have enough fabric that you won't have to buy any! I'll bring what I have, along with the shabby chic deal-e-o for your bedroom! What fun we will have!!