Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Random Autumn Day

Here is trusty Jaxs guarding over my mums.
I love this time of year when it's cool out but not really cold (except it was 34 degrees this morning at 7:20!). I love the pumpkins on my neighbors' porches and the rustle of falling leaves and the shouts of the children as they play in them. I love the smell of apple pie baking and the feel of the fireplace when it's lit for the first time. However, I don't love the squirrel or the walnut that he dropped down my vent, thereby blocking it and causing my furnace all sorts of trouble!
Next week Miss B and Charlie will be 14! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday they were toddling around and at other times I can barely remember when they were small. Dr. Love and I were very proud of them this morning when their names' were called for the distinguished honor roll list but we refrained from the cheering and hollering that comes naturally to us--Miss B didn't want to be embarrassed!
And now I'm off the to laundromat to wash a comforter that the cat.......I'll leave the rest of that phrase for you to picture in your own mind.

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cheryl said...

Ewwww.....Even I can figure that out! Ha! Can't wait to get down there and get some hugs...and bargains! Jeanne and I painted some furniture today and thrifted. Got the bargains!!! Yahoo!! Love you lady!