Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Here's a picture from our birthday celebration last night for Miss B and Charlie. Standing with them are their Great-Uncle & Aunt! The distinguished gentleman is my mother's older brother; he and my aunt have been married for 63 years! We were blessed to have them visit with us on their annual journey from Michigan to Arizona.
Also joining in the celebration were a wonderful couple who are both neighbors & friends. After surreptitiously asking Miss B about her salad preferences, Mrs. brought a terrific spinach/mozzarella/tomato salad to add to our dinner of lasagna, italian veggies & italian bread. Banana cake with cream cheese frosting and vanilla ice cream completed the menu. We all enjoyed visiting with one another 'round the table and the kids loved having some of their favorite people celebrate with them.
To Miss B and Charlie: I look forward to each day of this next year to see what growth and change it will bring. You are both truly gifts from God and I love you so very much. I always will, no matter what! * * * Momma


cheryl said...

Oh Leslie...I LOVE this post!!! It's so great seeing the kids and how they are growing and maturing! And what a special visit they had with your relatives stopping by for a visit! The menu sounds wonderful (I'm ALWAYS looking for ideas for meals!) and have I told you how much I LOVE seeing that window that you have on the mantle?? I have the frame, I just need to get the glass and move forward!
Can't wait for our visit next week!

cheryl said...

p.s. Isn't that a new pic of your house?? Looks so beautiful with the suns rays beaming down on it! Isn't Fall the prettiest time of year? (at least for those of us who don't have allergies!)