Monday, June 23, 2008

Miss B Goes to Camp (while Momma bites her nails)

Here are Miss B and her roomie for the week at Purdue. They're at a technology-based camp for girls that is targeted to their grade range.
I must admit that I was more than a little nervous about dropping her off someplace other than with her friends at church camp but Dr. Love has driven this current camp gig and I do trust his judgement.
Since she called last night both after dinner and just before bed, then again this morning after breakfast, I am much assured. I am still praying for spiritual, emotional and mental protection for her but I feel secure knowing Him who holds her in His hands.


a woman found said...

Leslie, that's got to be a hard time...the "letting go" time of parenting. We do all that work, prayer and more prayer to prepare them to go out, to be away from us and to grow a faith in Christ that is tested and sure, but it's not easy is it?!

Your attitude of prayer and trust is awesome and I know God honors it.


cheryl said...

Miss B looks so grown up!! Isn't it sweet when our young ladies call us...over and over? Their hearts are always called home!

She'll be fine...and the Lord will use her apart from you! I stand amazed at how God uses my adult daughters...even when I'm not there telling them how to behave and how to respond.

God is good...ALL the time!

Enjoy your time and trust the Lord.
He'll keep her under his wing.