Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If A Tree Falls in West Lafayette.....

...and you're home at the time, does it make a sound? Actually, we were heading to the "safe" place in the house as Dr. Love determined that we should due to the ugly winds that were kicking up. It sounded as though some branches were falling; nothing new-we always get that when it rains hard here. The wind, either straight-line or a microburst, lasted only 70 seconds or so and we were shocked to find this tree had fallen from the back yard across the garage and over the front porch!
We are extremely thankful that God seemingly "placed" the tree where it fell. It missed coming down on the sunroom & pool. There are a few minor holes in the roof, a damaged gutter and a bit of structural damage in the attic. There is no damage at all to the interior of our home or to our vehicles!
Praise HIM from whom all blessing flow!


a woman found said...

wow! glad everyone is ok!


cheryl said...

my goodness...it IS amazing that you didn't have more structural damage than you did! Don't you have a new appreciation for the force of wind?? And to think with one swoosh of God's hand...well, it could be ugly!
Praising the Lord you are safe and sound!