Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Spring!

This lily-of-the-valley has traveled around quite a bit. They started out as my grandmother's (whom I never met) and when my Dad sold his home I dug them up and transplanted them. They've survived three moves and also wintered in Wisconsin one year when I lived in an apartment. Next to tulips, these are my favorite flowers.

The previous owners did quite a bit of landscaping. Isn't this gorgeous?!

The birds keep this little area along my back fence line busy all day!

Here is trusty Jacks guarding my front porch.

I really like the snail shape of these begonia leaves!

Guiniviere is the newest additon to my menagerie.

This bleeding heart perennial is another part of my Mother's Day gift.

Next to fall, Spring is my favorite season. I love to see everything come back to life and I enjoy the aromas and sounds. It also reminds me of the hope of eternal life. Isn't God good?!


cheryl said...

LOVE seein' Jacks!! I was there at his birth if I remember correctly...wasn't I?? : ) And that cat...can't spell her name without peeking, but boy, she's a bute! Did you find her at our fav stoppin spot too?

Thank you for your prayers lady...they help knowing so many are coming before the Lord at some of the times I don't even KNOW what to say to Him anymore!

HE IS GOOD...all the time and no matter what!

love you, c

Leslie said...

Cheryl, yes you were there at his "birth." Guiniviere is another part of Mom's day. I saw her at Woldhuise Farms while I was being treated to "get what you want up to $x" and I fell for her. I also have a little white sleeping kitty under one of the bushes that I call Jillian. Naming statues, back-yard birdwatching....I think I'm officiatlly OLD!