Monday, May 19, 2008

A Hot Date!

Here are Dr. Love and I all dressed up and headed for the Techpoint Mira Awards Gala held at the Indiana Rooftop Ballroom in Indy. (from their website....."The Mira Awards Gala is the largest technology awards program in the state, growing in scope and attendance each year since its inception.") Dr. Love attended because several of the companies he mentors were up for awards.

The whole things was a new experience for me on two counts. This was the first work-related dinner that I have attended with my handsome hubby (although I did attend a press release a month or so ago when a gracious lady donated $3 million towards a new incubator building and even met & chatted with her!) and also my first ever "black tie optional" event.

The other "new" part was that I didn't purchase new clothes for the evening. As part of my determination to "be content with what I have" I put a lot of thought and prayer into finding something appropriate already hanging in my closet. And this is where I need to tell you that I am all about buying a new outfit!! It was very hard for me to change my thinking since event=new. But I really have been cognizent lately of God's resources and how He wants them used. I'm not at all saying that I couldn't buy a new dress if I'd needed it, but truthfully I didn't really need a dress that I'd only wear once. So, upon my dear friend Cheryl's outstanding advice, I chose the classic black skirt (leftover from my working days), black lace top, party shoes from several Christmases past and a wrap I picked up from a clearance table 2 years ago and hadn't used yet (but it was just so pretty, originally $160 marked down to $9.99!).

Now here's the best part. I felt better about how I was dressed and appeared than perhaps I ever have! I believe that God allowed those feelings due to my choice to honor Him from the beginning. And Dr. Love was pretty happy too.

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cheryl said...

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! And look at the money you saved! Now you have more to go buy a big buggy full at our fav shop!

I hope you cleaned off that big ol' spot off Dr. Love's jacket before you went though! What was that all about?? Ha!

Hope you have a wonderful time on the arm of that handsome man!