Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Year Sew Along finish

Several blog posts (Do you like how I use "several?"  It's more than three so it's not a few!) ago I posted about joining a New Year's Sew Along and I even showed you the fabrics.

January has come & gone and I didn't get my blocks or project finished.  But the last few days I've had fingers itchy to sew so I finished up the blocks, sewed them together, and sewed the blocks into a project.

To be honest, I am not thrilled with how the blocks turned out.  Sewing them together was easy-peesy but I had trouble with the cutting part.  I am glad that I changed my mind on the layout though:  at first I intended to make 7 blocks of single colors but then I changed to put each color in every block.  I'm also glad that I sashed between the blocks.  I had that fabric leftover from a previous quilt sashing and I think it's the perfect width.

I had one leftover block that I will probably incorporate into the backing....I like to do that.  And all of the extra pieces that got cut off I sewed together to make scrappy blocks.  I will put them in my stash for now.

So without further ado:

Do you have any sewing projects going? What're you planning to do next?

My next big thing is a redecoration of my family room.  I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!  So excited, that I just screamed it!  I've been wanting to do this room since the day we moved in but other rooms came first.  Now it's time!  We've already bought some gorgeous wood laminate flooring to replace the nasty carpeting, I have slipcovers ordered and my paint colors picked out.  I'm even going to paint the fireplace!!  I'm having fun in the planning stage--I'm not doing the actual work until the end of March.  But that will be here before I know it!

Dinner's calling....have a great night!
Hugs, Leslie

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Ware Family said...

Love the blocks! No projects for me, we are in the middle of rehearsal for the church play at the end of February. I would love to do my floors maybe this year. Hope your family is well. Love you all, Becky