Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Root Candles

If you know me at all, you know that I simply adore candles. I, like many others, am a candle aficionado. I almost always have several candles burning at once around my home-sometimes the same fragrance, sometimes differing fragrances so that I catch wonderful scents as I move about from room to room. I am a bit of a candle snob....they don't have to be pretty or cost an arm & a leg or be any certain brand, but they DO have to make my entire home smell good!

I have what Miss B refers to as a “candle closet” (see picture). She loves to come from school or a weekend away to our home and its’ wonderful aromas. She says that’s one of the best things in life. She has friends who comment about how our home always smells great! Once she lent a friend her jacket and was told it smelled good...just like her house!

And, if you know me at all, you know that I am a BzzAgent. I've talked to you about CoverGirl products, cleaning products, Dr. Scholl's products and may others. As a BzzAgent I have the opportunity to join in on "campaigns" promoting certain products and I receive a free sample of the product to try and coupons to pass around to my friends. And the more I try and the more I share, the more "perks" (that's BzzAgent speak for goodies) I gain!

So now BzzAgent is offering a chance to get into a campaign that I haven't been specifically invited to join. If I can persuade Jono to let me in, I'll get to try Root Candles and share my results!

Why should Jono add me to the campaign? Because I have many friends who use candles also. Many more than who try new cosmetics or new cleaning products. If he adds me to the campaign and there are coupons involved, I will give them away within days and Bzz my brains out as I do J!

So Jono, how about it? Pretty please will you let me in?

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