Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vintage or Ugly?

What do you think of this sofa? A friend of mine who both blogs and frequents Craiglist posted it along with some commentary on how to preview pictures on Craiggy without having to click on the whole post. She titled this an ugly sofa.
I commented by wondering what it says about me that I like this sofa (but the orange carpeting has to go) and another friend commented back that she just knew I would and she called me a Vintage Vamp!
I kinda' like that (can you see me smiling?).


Jayme said...

My first thought was....'now that's an ugly couch'...but it COULD be pretty cool in the right setting. :-)

cheryl said...

I love you.

...and you're not really a vamp. That sounded bad when I read it on your page. do you still love me??