Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Bracelet Giveaway

Marie at lemondropvintage is having a giveaway. She's made a wonderful charm bracelet full of vintagey things sprinkled in & among some newer things. Go ahead & check out her blog & enter to win...just don't get in my way because I really, really hope to win her giveaway! But if you win, I promise to be happy for you. As long as I get to borrow it sometimes!

I wear bracelets more often than I wear necklaces. I don't like matchy-matchy earrings & necklaces and I pick my earrings first. I don't have but a couple go-with-everything necklaces. I wear scarves much more frequently. I do like to add a bracelet or six though! Currently I'm wearing five stretchy beaded ones in reds & blues. I'd wear a dozen of these if I could sit still long enough to make that many. Usually I top out at three or four of one color and move on.

What jewelry do you wear most often? Why?


Mama Hen said...

Hi Leslie, thanks for visiting my blog. I have been looking through yours and I love your background. And your house is so pretty!

I wear earrings the most. I do like bracelets, but I don't have that many. I'm going to go over to enter the giveaway.

I signed up to follow you so I'll be back to visit.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Leslie, thanks for stopping by my kitchen and saying hello. Jewelry....what do I wear most? I tend to wear the same things for a while and then switch. Currently I wear a gold coin necklace (and my rings, which I never take off). I always change jewelry if we're going out in the evenings, making it a special occasion.
Enjoy pink Saturday.