Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

I just read a great post by Brenda at Cozy Little House about home decorating entitled "What Does Our Home Say About Us?" and it started me thinking.

I'm drawn to old stuff. Not antique furniture, just old junk. But my house is filled with the things that I love (my apologies to Randy Travis). Old things that once belonged to my Mother; vintage finds given to me by friends who "just knew" that I would appreciate that particular bric-a-brac; pretty things that I find interesting... A friend once told me that my decorating style is "interesting." Sadly, I took that as a personal criticism and every so often I bring that back up and chew on it again. But really, what's bad about being interesting?!

More important to me than what my home reflects about me is what does my life reflect about me? I say that I love God more than anything & anyone : does that show in my day-to-day life? Can Dr. Love, Miss B & Charlie get a glimpse of Him? What about the people who live on my street or those I run into at the grocery store, library, Goodwill? Sometimes I get so caught up with "being" the right person or "doing" the right things that He is nowhere to be found! Please forgive me Lord Jesus for my selfishness, renew my heart one more time and help me to live my life for You!

On another note, here's a slideshow of my sun room. I think Dr. Love & I have finally gotten those pesky old tins to stay perched above the windows. A little fishing line, a few self-stick velcro coins.... Most of the tins once contained Mrs. Steven's candy. Her company was in business in Chicago from the early 1900's through the early 1960's as far as I can tell. The glass fishing weights are from our family vacation is Seattle a few years ago; they've been in a bowl on my coffee table and were finally hung this weekend. The leaves windchime is one that Dr. Love picked up many many years ago when he was traveling internationally for his job. He had never unwrapped it and I was pleased to find & hang it for him to enjoy! The sweet little gourd birdhouse was made by and given to me as a birthday gift this year by a friend. All of my plants have to be out of Mudgie's reach...she is a real plant afficianado and every time she manages to taste one she gets sick on my carpeting! The last picture is of Henry-she is more skittish than Mudgie is so I don't have a chance to snap a picture of her face very often.
If you'd like, you can play "I Spy" as you watch....find some dust, a toy gun, a pair of flip-flops, some nail polish, an ant trap and a paint color sample.

Grace & Peace,


Brenda said...

Well, how do you know that "interesting" didn't mean she liked it and thought it beautiful? I'm always thinking somebody means one thing and I find out they meant something else. I like your slideshow. It says to me that you have a loving personality and enjoy whimsical things and vintage treasures! Like me!

cheryl said...

Well you got those "pesky little tins" secured REAL GOOD! Your porch looks so relaxing...complete with the kitties! Somethin' about a cat on a porch that makes it so!

Was I that friend that said your decorating style was "Interesting"? I think my words were "eclectic", weren't they? Whew?? Now I'm trying to wrack my brain and I nuttin's there! I love your house..and it is interesting...every stinkin' room that I meander in! I LOVE taking it all in! In fact, I'm trying to find some time I can take it all in AGAIN!

P.S. JD and I went thriftin' today. She got more than I did, yet I spied a Longaberger kiddie purse...bought that baby for ONE DOLLAR AND TWENTY FIVE CENTS! DEAL OF THE MONTH!!! ; ) Missed you!