Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tears In My Eyes

Miss B just showed me her final English assignment for the year. The name of the assignment is "I am from poem" and her grade is an A+. After reading through it I immediately hugged her, trying to hold back tears, and asked her permission to post it here on my blog. Enjoy!

I am From a Family-Time Family

I am from a family-time family,
loving to spend time with each other,
and never wishing harm to one another.

I am from an early morning greeting,
waiting for me at the top of my steps,
warmth fills my nose with the sweet scent.
The embrace of chocolate chip pancakes,
cautiously being flipped in the kitchen.

I am from clothes piled high on my desk chair
to hard work put intricately into new pillows and blankets.
they lay sprawled across the corner of my sink-into couch.

I am from friendly neighbors
waving as they stroll down the street.
I am from beautiful tulips,
pushing up through the freshly down mulch.

I am from hungry cats,
crying for food as they peer out the window.
And an anxious puppy down the street,
waiting to be walked.

I am from glorious bonfires
billowing smoke around our house,
to a little neighborly fun challenge of corn toss.
I am from family dinners
every single night,
and lots of family creativity making twist trees during the Christmas season.

I am from many comfort foods
each specialized.
Sautéed mushrooms over pasta, to my brother’s favorite,
steak cake, which is thin chocolate cake,
cut into funny shapes and sizes.

I am from a fishing line
cast shortly from my grandpa’s pontoon.
Drop in, pull out.
Over and over again,
The fish never ceasing.

I am from “Breezy Mareezy” to
“Charlie Bricker,”
My Mom saying her new little slogan,
“Flip that situation—think of a way to make it positive.”

I am from a family like no other.
We are unique in our own special way,
always putting a spin on life,
and looking out for each other’s best interest.


cheryl said...

And THAT my dear friend is a gift...not only from Miss B to you, but from your heavenly Father to you! You are making a difference in her life and one which will follow her all the days of her life! The Lord is at work...always working it out for our good and for His Glory!

"I am From"...will be an all time favorite! Enjoy your gift and praise HIM, who gave this child life, breath and the creativity that she so wittingly demonstrates!

dan said...

AWESOME! Print that out and frame it.