Monday, May 18, 2009

Bragging On My Husband

Here's the picture of Dr. Love and myself at Saturday night's Indiana Techpoint Mira Awards.
While attending a work-related event on a weekend is not my idea of fun, getting dressed up to go out on my gentleman's arm is always special. I enjoy observing his interactions with his clients (everyone likes him!) and hearing his business acumen. I just think he's the epitome of a man's man: smart & savvy, able to pop the hood on the car, discuss sports and repair a leaky faucet. Not afraid to read directions or research how to do something. Looks equally good in a monkey suit or jeans. Willing to give his time & energy to what he believes in. Above all, a servant-leader who loves God and desires his family to grow closer to Him.
Thank you Dear God, for the man of my dreams!

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cheryl said...

It's a beautfiul thing!! You look BEAUTIFUL!!! The both of ya's! :)
word verification: scent...tee-hee-hee!!