Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Playmates are gone.

It's hard to believe that the summer has gone by so quickly and today is the first day of school!
We spent last week we making the kids get up earlier in the morning in preparation for the start of school, registering them & checking out their new school building as well as shopping for supplies and clothes. We got in some extra swimming and had friends spend the night. We also introduced a couple of their church friends to Deep River Water Park up in Merrillville. Ten days ago I would have said that we weren't ready to go back but then the inevitable bickering set in a week ago and this morning both Miss B and Charlie were ready to head out.
The start of school means a shift change for me. Instead of "working" summer hours from 8-5, my kids need me first thing in the morning and then again from 4pm until bedtime. I'm free during the day to start & finish projects and to eat or not. So this morning I tackled some wallpaper removal in the kitchen and now I'm headed for the grocery store without someone who wants to add items to my cart.
I have to say that I miss them. I miss them foraging in the kitchen and whooping it up in the pool. I miss having Miss B grabbing for the phone when it rings as I hate answering the phone myself and she does love it so. I miss Charlie's funny comments.
But as much as I miss them I am excited for this new school year and the joys and trials it will bring. I look forward to seeing how God will continue to grow them and make them into what He wants them to be.
Come home soon my jr. highers, so we can "hang!"

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cheryl said...

I grew to LOVE those days!! I always made the girls' first day of school the day that I re-evaluated MY own committment to the Lord and sat down with the purpose of studying my Bible and praying. I hate to confess that my time with the Lord has SEVERELY suffered since Dad went into the hospital and even was "gimpy" as we were making wedding plans.
So...for me...the week I get home from Phoenix will be my time that "the kids start school", and I get back into the Word on a DAILY basis! Ya know...it just amazes me how when I get out of that "habit", Satan even steels my prayer time with my Savior! OH...plenty of "popcorn prayers", but the deep and meaningful conversations with Christ have gone to the wayside. How we must protect our time with God, just as we do with our husbands and children!
BTW...when I get back, I'll see about coming down there for a day and making quite certain you have lunch at least one day!! Hehe!

miss you too.