Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Pool is Open!

For those of you who are asking "Is it really that much warmer in West Lafayette than it is in Crown Point?" The answer is No! The air temperature was 70 and the water temp was 65. That didn't stop the kids from getting in as soon as the steps to the promised pool were put in place. After half an hour or so they decided to get out and wait for warmer weather.
We still have lots of landscaping to do....come on down & lend a hand--the water's fine!

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Sheila said...

Leslie, I love your picture of the kids getting the pool. I grew up in southern Oregon and it's so funny cause it could be 50 degrees and if the suns out there everyone is convinced it's summer and getting in their pools and jumping in the river to swim.

Now i live here in Arizona where we HAVE to get in a pool by April cause it's already 90 plus degrees!

Anyway, I'm so glad to have you over at Timothy Moms! And I'm glad you're blogging! The Tuesdays For Timothy Moms post is up, so come join in!

Have a great day!