Monday, March 16, 2009

Date Night

Friday night was date night here in the Love household. Dr. Love took Miss B and her friend Miss M out to dinner & a movie and then for ice cream. Here they are before they left for the evening:

Charlie and I went out together also. After getting our picture taken (I know I look tired because I'm not wearing makeup but Charlie is an anti-makeup kind of guy!), we went to Vons to check out their array of rocks & minerals. Charlie purchased a cool fossil and I got some beads for a bracelet & earrings. Then we were off to Jimmy Johns for sandwiches before picking up some snacks & settling in at home to rent a movie off of cable. I enjoyed his company and we had a pretty good conversation too!


cheryl said...

What a special time! Now...CHARLIE...I SEE those bunny ears above your Mom's head!! It's not Easter yet young man! :)

and you look beautiful with or without makeup! I love you just the way you are!!!


RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love family date nights! We do it too. It's amazing how different my children are, when it's just one on one time with them! It makes me love them even more, and makes me even more thankful to have them in my life!