Monday, February 16, 2009

a Miss B moment

If your speakers are turned on, you're listening to "Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus)" by Chris Rice. Miss B sang this last weekend at the IMEA solo & ensemble competition. Although she credits me with suggesting that she choose this song, I remember it as her deciding on it by herself. However the choice was made, her choir teacher was a bit nervous about a song with such "religious overtones." I was just nervous about her performing a solo at all. She had a cold during the week leading up to the competition and in general didn't seem very sure of herself.
When her time came to take the stage, she had such a sweet, quiet confidence. Her voice was clear and as she sang her love for Jesus was evident. That few moments as she sang will be in my memory for all the rest of my life!

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cheryl said...

Only one thing would have been better...that you had the recording of Miss B singing it herself! What a beautiful song choice! It matters little what the teacher thought of her long as she was singing it to her is HE that we are to please!

So precious Leslie...tuck that away in your heart. You'll never forget...I promise!