Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm finally starting to see some payoff to the work I've been doing in my kitchen. I spent a couple of weeks pulling wallpaper (sometimes 2 layers), spackling holes & trying to smooth out old walls. Then I needed 10 days devoted to only MOPS so the kitchen sat waiting. I just finished the first coat on 1/2 of the room and had to get it posted!
After a short break, I'll be on to the other half, where I'm "tissuing" the walls. I promise to post the end results when I get there!
Oh, and don't be alarmed by the ceiling. Tim knows my propensity to "kiss" the ceiling when I paint so he's waiting to paint it until I'm done with my color!

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cheryl said...

Oh YEAH BABY!!! This is going to be GREAT!!! Plan on putting at LEAST 2 coats on, if not 3! Ally had to put 3 coats on her kitchen, but Amy got by with two. Maybe it was the different paint brands, I don't know. LOVE RED!!! Are you doing both ends the same or what? I haven't talked to you in a long time!! Can't wait to see the finished project!
I have a shabby chic thing waitin' for you!!! :)